Meet Andrey Belitskiy, A Repaid EB5 Capital Investor

At EB5 Capital, we work hard to ensure our clients are well taken care of. Making an EB-5 investment is an investment in you and your family’s future, and the reason why we take care to ensure our clients have everything they need to move through the EB-5 investment process successfully.

“EB5 Capital provided us with all the documentation and information we needed to feel comfortable with our new venture. They helped us find the legal advice we needed to start, suggesting an excellent attorney who assisted us efficiently and competently during the entire process. During those years, EB5 Capital has promptly provided us with complete and clear updates of progress related to our investment project. Based on my personal experience, I would absolutely recommend EB5 Capital to investors eager to participate in this program.”

Riccardo F., Italy, JF5 – DC Hilton Hotels

“Проекты по Программе ЕВ-5 предлагают многие Региональные Центры. Однако, инвестору требуется значительное время, чтобы разобраться в том, какой из них является более профессиональным и надежным. Я и моя семья имеем положительный опыт участия в Программе ЕВ-5, во многом благодаря работе Натальи Прониной, сотрудника EB5 Capital, которая занималась моим делом. Я считаю, что вся работа Регионального Центра была безупречной, и именно это стало причиной такого быстрого одобрения моей петиции без каких-либо осложнений.”

Siarhei S., Belarus, JF6 – San Jose Marriott Hotels

“Our experience with EB5 Capital has been phenomenal. Each EB5 Capital associate we were in touch with was patient, helpful, and highly responsive. We couldn’t be happier about our decision to have made our EB-5 investment through them and would warmly recommend them to anyone considering the same.”

LM & NM, Israel, JF6 – San Jose Marriott Hotels

“Работать с Региональным Центром EB5 Capital очень спокойно и комфортно, чувствуешь уверенность в правильности своих решений. Находясь за океаном, ты всегда в курсе всех событий проекта. Можно всегда посмотреть строительство Проекта в онлайн режиме. EB5 Capital регулярно присылает емейл отчеты о Проекте, а также новостные письма. Очень удобно, что EB5 Capital позаботился о русскоговорящих клиентах. Когда дело касается личных инвестиций, языковой барьер может быть огромной помехой в работе. Я, как русскоговорящий инвестор, живущий за океаном (пока получение грин карты в процессе), очень рекомендую вам Региональный Центр EB5 Capital. Работать с ними очень надежно и комфортно.”

Nargiza J., Kazakhstan, JF9 – Columbia Place


“三年前,在我和我的家庭做出投资移民的决定时刻,我们面临着最重要的选择,一个专业,诚信和可以信赖的合作伙伴。EB5项目在中国可谓大行其道,但是也难免鱼龙混杂,鱼目混珠。稍有不慎,可能会带来机会和财产上的巨大损失。幸运的是,在众多项目中,我们选择了EB5 Capital。尽管最初我们彼此并不了解,但是随着时间的推移,项目的进展, Marriott Residence (JF6) 破土,我们一直通过实况镜头关注每一砖一瓦的添加,直至在酒店落成开业并正常运转。同时,我们也收到了NVC的面谈预约函。我们为自己正确的选择感到无比欣慰。在整个过程中,我们得到来自EB5 Capital的支持和帮助.”

Wei Z., China, JF6 – San Jose Marriott Hotels

“感谢EB5 Capital的领导和员工,她们真诚专业,让我顺利拿到临时绿卡,在再投资之后投资资金也已顺利返还”

Y. Lu, China, JF5 – DC Hilton Hotels

“My interaction with EB5 Capital was very delightful. During my research, I have reached out to at least half a dozen firms and I found EB5 Capital’s approach to be absolutely professional. The team was very helpful in giving all the information I needed and the documentation leading up to filing the I-526 petition, including cross interaction and transfer between EB5 Capital and my attorney was dealt with very smoothly and efficiently.”

Viswajith K., India, JF9 – Columbia Place

“As EB-5 investors, one of the most important steps is to be able to identify a reliable Regional Center as it will determine the overall application process and its success rate. We have been very fortunate to be able to identify EB5 Capital as our Regional Center. With EB5 Capital, we can be rest assured that all the process steps are taken care of by a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and efficient. Frequent updates are provided to the investors and any queries or questions will be resolved in the quickest possible manner. We have been kept informed of the project’s progress along the way, hence we are very confident that we are on the right track with EB5 Capital.”

Sky S., Malaysia, JF15 – 225 North Calvert

“After almost investing in another project that fell through, I came upon EB5 Capital. I researched their track record and was favorably impressed. EB5 Capital had a demonstrated history of successful projects that met the criteria for investors to both obtain their permanent resident status green cards and ultimately receive their investments back. Throughout my experience, EB5 Capital showed not only in-house experience, but the ability to identify and utilize outside experts to address any issues raised by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.”

Mark H., Canada, JF6 – San Jose Marriott Hotels